WIESMANN SPORTS CARS – The individualist manufacturer

Individuality is a feeling and a lot of handwork. Wiesmann manufacturing specialists create in about 350 hours a unique and nostalgic sports car powered by the most modern BMW technology.

The Wiesmann MF4 comes as Coupe and Roadster version and is powered by either the BMW M3 V8 naturally aspirated engine (MF4-S) or the BMW V8 twin turbo (MF4) from the BMW X6 Twin Turbo.
The MF5 is the top model and also comes in Coupe or Roadster version, and is powered by the BMW X6M Twin Turbo engine.

Wiesmann clients are experiencing the feeling of an almost unlimited freedom already with the mere formulation of their exclusive wishes, hence every Wiesmann is unique and personalised to the owners taste, be it the exterior colour, interior leather pattern designs or interior colour scheme. This way every sports car from the Wiesmann factory is a bespoke, personal symphony of individuality, exclusivity, quality and emotion.

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We build your dream car. We offer full customisation upgrades for your sports vehicle, luxury sedan or prestigious SUV. We upgrade your every day, boringly equipped and average set up car to a true and unique masterpiece, exactly how you like and want it. Our managers consult you with the right package and manage the full process for you, from sourcing of the parts to final completion – a TurnKey customisation solution. You have one point of contact from start till end.

We offer full pick up and drop off service, full photo story of the conversion for you to see how the installation, fitment and upgrade is performed by professionals.

Choose your car model , contact us today and start owing a head- turning , personalised vehicle.


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  • BMW
  • Ferrari
  • Jaguar
  • Lamborghini
  • Land Rover
  • Maserati
  • Mercedes
  • Porsche
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